About Us

PT Resident and Therapist Leg Excercises

For 25 years, SMART Healthcare has been providing quality rehabilitation services in senior care settings throughout Ohio. Our superior rehabilitation programs can help your facility exceed your clinical benchmarks and financial goals. At SMART, we incorporate your company's values into our therapy services. We customize our programs based on your needs and your strategy for the future.

Benefits for Your Professional Team & Facility

  • Optimal Reimbursement
  • Marketing Support
  • Appropriate skilled RUG utilization
  • MDS Coding Accuracy and Compliance
  • Compliance, Documentation and Audit Support
  • Bundled Payment Pilot Programs

Benefits for Your Residents

  • Dedicated, Experienced Team
  • Therapy Programs Offered 7 Days a Week
  • Restorative Nursing Program Support
  • Functional Maintenance Programs

Other Benefits to Consider

  • Very Competitive and Negotiable Rates
  • Local Administrative Team
  • Excellent Employee Retention
  • Daily Interdisciplinary Communication
  • Simply Make A Resident Top Priority Training Program

SMART Healthcare Services • 11877 Mason Montgomery Rd Ste B • Cincinnati, OH 45249

smarthealthcarecorp@gmail.com • (513) 697-7200