Therapist with Residents Lobby

“Not only were they good healers, but great listeners. The therapy department became like  family."

— Mary Lou H

You can tell the quality of a company by the ability of the  employees to get the task done. It is my opinion you have highly  qualified  personnel!"

— Frank R.

“It is a pleasure to work  with SMART  Healthcare. There is  always a concerted  effort between the  nursing and therapy  departments to best  serve the therapeutic  needs of our residents.  There is a seamless transition from the  identification of need to the evaluation and implementation of care from all the therapeutic disciplines. Our therapists are extremely dedicated and strive to enhance the daily lives of our residents. SMART Healthcare along with the nursing staff work hand-in-hand to carry out our Mission.”

— Jane K., R.N.

“Our facility has extremely high standards formed  around our belief system. The Therapy Department (SMART Healthcare) is vital for our person-centered care model to succeed. The therapists focus on giving appropriate levels of care  to ensure that our length of stay  is as short as needed, while simultaneously preventing hospital readmissions. We do not put everyone in high categories by default (part of our belief system) in an attempt to profit. The team has developed preventative health programs to assist our nursing  department in keeping residents and patients at their safest  level of function for as  long  as possible. Our happy staff members, families and of course the residents we serve regularly, validate our  facility’s decision   to  partner with SMART.”

— Vice President Health and Wellness, Skilled Nursing Facility

Resident with Dog

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